Hey there, I’m Marie-Charlotte Yao, but everyone calls me Macha. I’m a children’s illustrator and graphic designer originally from France, now living up in sunny Leeds with my little family. My journey as an artist began with a Master’s degree in film editing and special effects, which led me to a brief stint as an overwhelmed intern at Cartoon Network in Paris.

My art is filled with bright/neon colours and cute yet fierce characters. I absolutely love drawing cool animals in sneakers going on all kind of wild adventures and sassy kids on a mission. I’m passionate about creating characters that encourage children to be whoever they want to be, regardless of their gender or background. I believe that children’s books should inspire and empower young readers to be confident in themselves and their abilities, and if I can make young readers laugh in the process, I’m happy! 

My style is influenced by the 90s aesthetic, which I adore. I’m a total geek at heart and love all things pop culture. 

When I’m not busy creating, you’ll probably catch me grooving to some sweet tunes on my longboard, hair dyed in a vibrant shade of pink or blue, or enjoying a bubble tea .

And if that’s not enough to keep me occupied, I’m also a co-host of Friday Doodle Club – an awesome weekly illustration challenge that takes place on Instagram. Plus, I make art prints, pins and stickers that, if you are lucky, you might find in some of Leeds makers shops and indie cafés. 

If you would like to work with me on a children’s publishing project, please get in touch with my wonderful agent, Lucy at The Plum Agency. For any other enquiries please feel free to send me an email

Random passions: bubble tea, Nintendo video games, longboard dancing, Taekwondo, Gotcha machines, French pop, funky shirts, Back to The Future movies and the stationary department of any store.